December 25th,  2005        

Merry Christmas everyone..  It is that time of year again, with all the traffic snarls, long lines, and lots of impatient people..  It will soon be over..  I've been teaching Christmas songs since before Halloween, and I really don't want to hear Jingle Bells any more..  I do wish each of you very happy and safe holidays..  Now for some news..
I had a wonderful gig at Monterrey's on Thursday night, December 22nd..  Lots of old friends, and regulars made appearances to celebrate Christmas with some tasty margaritas, great food, and yours truly playing solo acoustic guitar..  I was very surprised to see Dave Webb (Sugarland), walk thru the door with his lovely wife Queenie..  Dave has been on the road for almost this whole year on tour with Brad Paisley, and Sara Evans.  Hopefully we will be doing some gigs together in January, while he has a little time off..  Sugarland will be on Jay Leno on January 12th..  G.W. Fuller, another friend of mine who plays with Bobby Purify also showed up, and wound up hanging out all night..  Most of the regulars were there, and we all had a big time..
Thursday night, December 29th, I will be playing with the League Of Decency at the Marietta Country Club..  Should be lots of fun..  Tommy Dean and the guys are always a blast to make music with..
Friday night, December 30th, I will be back at Monterrey's for the solo acoustic gig, and it will be the last performance there for 2005..  Come on down and enjoy the margaritas, and the best Mexican cruisine in town..  Music will start around 8:00 p.m.
I will be performing with the Ron Kimble Band at Uncle Woody's in Snellville on Highway 78 for New Years Eve..  Ron is a great entertainer, and an Atlanta icon..  I've played guitar for Ron on many gigs over the years, and he is always full of surprises..  The band will consist of Ron, Larry Mcdonald, Tommy Taylor, Ernie Gregory, and myself..  Should be a fun time, so make plans to spend New Years with us..
MOTION will be performing at Motorheads in Mcdonough on February 3rd, and 4th..  It will be the first gig for us in a while, so we will be ready to rock the roof off..  I will be posting more gig information soon, so stay tuned..      MERRY CHRISTMAS AND HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!



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