June 4th, 2006        

Greetings..  Summer is here, and the temperature is rising.  It has been pretty hot at the gigs lately, and the crowds have been great..  Thanks to everyone who came out and celebrated with me at my birthday parties at Monterrey's, and Hank and Jerry's..  I had a great time at both, and it was great to see my friends..  Tommy Knight and Co. played at Hank and Jerry's on my birthday, and we had fun drinking Jaeger Bombs all night..  Wooohh..  Felt it the next day..  Last weekend was a big time with MOTION rocking at Motorheads in Mcdonough..  It was great working with Dino, Mark, Ruud, Chris, Fernie, and David again..  Those guys are pros!!  The place was packed on Saturday and the girls were dancing to tunes by Journey, Foreigner, and others..  Ron Kimble is back to singing and entertaining again, after getting over some health issues..  He is sounding great, and looking good..  Some friends of mine (Tommy Vickory, Tommy Strain, David Haney, Jody Worrell, and Valerie), have put together a new band called Bluetopia..  They played at Northside Tavern a couple of weeks ago, and will be back there soon..  You need to check them out..  Tommy Strain and Jody Worrell are both great guitarists, and Tommy Vickory is one of the best bassists in the business..  I have really enjoyed playing with Tommy Knight and Co..  The band has sounded wonderful, and it is a pleasure to work with Tommy Taylor, Larry Mcdonald, and Ernie Gregory..  I hope we will work together again very soon with that line up..  I have lots of things coming up with different bands..  Here is the schedule for now..
Thursday nights are still a great way to start the weekend early at Monterrey's Mexican Restaurant on Buford Highway in Doraville.. It is the home of my regular, solo, acoustic gig, and one of the highlights of my week..  We always have a great party with margarita specials, the best in Mexican cuisine, and plenty of cold beer..  The song list is always wide open, and lately has included tunes by Supertramp, John Lennon, Gordon Lightfoot, Jim Croce, Eagles, Beatles, Johnny Cash, Merle Haggard, Keith Whitley, Bob Dylan, Simon and Garfunkel, Drivin' n Cryin', Green Day, Bad Company, and others..  Music starts at 7:45 p.m., so come on down!!
Some upcoming gigs include the Ron Kimble Band at Glenda's Bar and Grill  on June 2nd and 3rd..  I will be performing with Heaven Davis at the Atlanta Botanical Gardens on June 9th,  where we will be opening for Buddy Guy in their summer concert series..  Heaven is a great singer, and wonderful entertainer..  I have had the pleasure to work with her on several gigs, and I am looking forward to this concert..  Check out her website at www.heavendavis.com.  I will be back at Glenda's on June 10th with the Ron Kimble Band, and will also be with Ron at Hank and Jerry's Tavern on June 23rd and 24th..
I also have gigs with the League of Decency in Columbus on June 13th, and at the Atlanta Botanical Gardens on June 17th..  Visit www.leagueofdecency.com for more info..  I will be performing solo acoustic at a welcome party for the Doraville Police Chief on June 15th during the day, and at Monterrey's later that night..
MOTION will be back at Motorheads on July 21st and 22nd, so start making plans to attend those gigs.. Visit our website at www.motionrocks.com for more info..  Big Trouble will be performing at Hank and Jerry's Tavern on July 28th and 29th..  This band features Andrea Ellis, and will be doing lots of cool tunes..  This is the current gig schedule, and can change at any moment..  Please check my calendar for any last minute gigs..
Thanks for visiting my website, and I hope to see you at some gigs in the near future..  I am very lucky to be able to play music, and I count my blessing every day..  Stop in and say hello..  Hope to see you soon..  Stay tuned.......


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