May 8th, 2010  
     Greetings..  Lots of things have happened, and  are happening in my music 
world. The past few months have been filled with lots of gigs and fun
times, but also alot of sadness and pain from the losses of friends and
musicians.. Some of my friends that have lost their lives in the past year include
Ean Evans from Lynyrd Skynyrd. Ean and I performed, and even recorded an
album together with Mark Mohr and Rick Willaford called "Bombay Dogs".. He
was an incredible talent, and we miss him.. Mark Denning, my very good
friend and keyboardist with MOTION lost his life a couple of weeks ago, after
a very long illness.. Mark was a great musician, and a beautiful soul..
He will be missed by all who knew him.. Mark Ensley, the drummer from the
Rock Bottom Band, and former drummer for John Berry recently passed away..
Mark had a great sense of humor, and was a wonderful drummer. Wayne
Stephens, another great drummer passed away a couple of months ago. There was
a benefit at Southern Comfort for Wayne, and it was quite a reunion of
musicians.. He will be missed, too.. It seems the older we get, the more
friends we start to lose.. It is hard to say goodbye to friends, but I am
thankful that I will be able to see them again, someday..

I have been writing many new songs, and performing them on my solo gigs..
I am looking forward to recording these tunes at Gerry Hansen's (Randall
Bramblett) studio, and then finish the process at Down and Deep studios with
Marty Kearns.. I am also doing some recording with Robb Chapman and am
eager to hear the final result.. I have some corporate dates coming up with
Moxie, and am also going to book some gigs with the members of MOTION, and
Knight Trane.. I recently bought a Taylor T-5, and the guitar is superb..
It is the ONE for my solo gigs, and I am fortunate to have found a great
workhorse guitar that is dependable.. I have quite a song list for my solo
gigs now, well over 700 tunes..

Tuesday and Wednesday nights I perform solo acoustic music at Monterrey's
Mexican Restaurant in the Kroger Shopping Center at the corner of Hwy. 78
and Rosebud Road, near Loganville. The crowd has really picked up, and we
have a great time every Tuesday and Wednesday. If you live in that area,
you should mark it on your calendars to come out and enjoy some great
margaritas, fajitas, and your favorite tunes.. The music starts at 6:30 p.m...

Thursday nights I perform solo acoustic music at Monterrey's Mexican
Restaurant on Buford Hwy. in Doraville.. I have been playing this gig for 6
years, and the regulars keep coming back for more.. It has become an event,
every Thursday night in Doraville.. Everyone comes out, including
musicians, politicians, police, business men and women, families, and singles.. If
you want to have a good time, and drink some GREAT margaritas, then
Monterrey's in Doraville is the place to be on Thursday nights.. Music starts at
7:45 p.m..

Sunday nights I perform solo acoustic music at Hank and Jerry's Tavern on
Old Salem Road in Conyers.. It is a great way to end the weekend, and it
is one of my favorite things to do.. Hank and Jerry's is a neighborhood bar
in Conyers, and has been there for many years.. I have played there
hundreds of times over the years, and it is always alot of fun.. They really
like to party on Sunday night, and I really mix up the music.. Get out of
the house on Sunday night, and come party with us.. Music starts at 8:00

I am now teaching guitar and music at 2 locations.. Music and Arts in
Lawrenceville and All Star Music in Loganville.. I enjoy teaching at both
places, and I am blessed to have some great students.. I have been teaching
music for over 20 years, and I consider it an honor that I never take

Check the calendar for any gig changes or additions.. I have too many
gigs to list them all in the news section, so just click on the calendar for
the latest updated gig schedule.. I hope you will make it out to a gig
soon, and drop in and say hello..

I am blessed to be able to play with the talented bands that I perform
with, and it is also a great joy to teach music.. I am very fortunate to have
friends and fans that support live music, and it is something that I never
take for granted.. I appreciate all of the support I have had through
the years.. It certainly makes it all worth while.. God bless each and
everyone of you you, and I hope to see you soon!!!

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