April 13, 2006        

Greetings..  Things have been pretty busy for me lately, and I am glad to be working as much as I can..  I've been playing gigs with The Ron Kimble Band, since Ron has been in the hospital..  He is now recovering from his pneumonia, and has lost quite a bit of weight..  He should be back singing soon, and we all wish him a speedy recovery.. The band was billed as Tommy Knight and Co. at Hank and Jerry's, and we had a great weekend..  We have since played at Glenda's in Walnut Grove, and have gigs at both places coming up soon..  I also played a great gig with the League Of Decency at Jake's Toadhouse with King Johnson..  Both bands sounded wonderful, and a good friend of mine, Sean Costello, got up and jammed with both bands..  Oliver Wood and Sean are two of my favorite guitarists in town..  It was a pleasure to play with them at Jake's..  The League Of Decency also went to Spartanburg, S.C. to play a corporate awards show with Francine Reed..  Francine is a great singer and entertainer..  It was lots of fun to play with her..  I've been fortunate to play some cool gigs lately..  I also had a great time being entertained by Mr. Moonlight Sunday night in Alpharetta at Rafters..  It was great to see old friends and catch up on what's been going on..  Some faces in the crowd included Tommy Strain (Bareback, Mother's Finest), Tim Smith (Sheryl Crow Band), Cooper Tisdale (Guitar Virtuoso), Terry Lee (Terry Lee and the G.T.s), Bobby Mobley (Everybody)  and Chick Cusick (Audio God)..  Mr. Moonlight features Van Temple and Wayne Mcnatt (The Producers), Tommy  Vickory (Mike Veal Band, Terry Lee), Spencer Kirkpatrick (Banks and Shane, Hydra), and Rick Hinkle (Everybody)..
Thursday nights are still a great way to start the weekend at Monterrey's Mexican Restaurant on Buford Highway in Doraville.  It is the home of my regular, solo, acoustic gig, and one of the highlights of my week..  We always have a great party with margarita specials, the best in Mexican cruisine, and plenty of cold beer..  The song list remains wide open, and lately has included songs by Supertramp, John Lennon, Eagles, Keith Whitley, Johnny Cash, Creedence Clearwater Revival, REO Speedwagon, Conway Twitty, David Bowie, Green Day, and Merle Haggard..  Music starts around 7:45 p.m., so come on down!!
Some upcoming gigs include The Ron Kimble Band Glenda's Bar and Grill on April 14th and 15th..  I also have a private party on April 15th during the afternoon..  I will also be with the Ron Kimble Band at Hank and Jerry's Tavern on April 28th..  The League Of Decency will be performing at Wolford Gardens on April 29th..  I will be performing solo acoustic at Monterrey's Mexican Restaurant on May 5th for the Sinco De Mayo celebration..  It was a blast the last two years..  Come early..  MOTION will be performing at Motorheads in Mcdonough on May 25th and 26th..  It will be time to rock the house to the ground again..  I am looking forward to that gig..  Also on May 20th, it will be time for my annual Birthday Bash..  Details will be coming soon..  Big Trouble will be gigging soon, and we have been sounding great in rehearsals..  I am really excited about the band, which features Andrea Ellis, Chris Ortiz, and Bill Stewart (Gregg Allman and Friends, Bonnie Bramblett, Capricorn Rhythm Section)..  We will be covering quite a wide range of material..  Keep your eyes and ears open for Big Trouble..
Thanks for visiting the web site, and I hope to see you at some gigs very soon..  I appreciate your friendship..  Stop in and say hello..  See ya soon!!!   Stay tuned.......


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