March 20th,  2006        

Greetings..  The gig situation has been kind of dragging lately, with lots of clubs just booking one nighters instead of weekends, and karaoke on the other nights..  It is a real shame, and musicians are having to scramble to find gigs..  Luckily, I have been playing some solo gigs on the weekends at Monterrey's Mexican Restaurant to fill in some holes, and it has been very enjoyable..  One thing I like about the solo gigs is that I get to play anything I want to, and it is a real treat to not have to depend on other people..  I like to play in bands, and enjoy playing with other musicians, finding the groove, and really hit the note..  Both experiences are very fulfilling, and luckily I get to indulge in solo gigs, and band gigs..  I hope the booking situation turns around, and I will once again have more gigs than I can play.. Only time will tell..
     Ron Kimble is out of the ICU at Newton County Hospital, and has been put in a regular room.. This is good news, and means he is getting better, and hopefully will be back singing soon..  I will be recording some solo acoustic songs with Marty Kearns at Down in Deep Studios in the Virginia Highlands area in the next few weeks..  I am looking forward to being back in the studio..  I've been writing, and working on some new material, and I will be happy when it is recorded..  It is always a pleasure to work with Marty.. He is one of the best..
Thursday nights are still happening at Monterrey's Mexican Restaurant on Buford Highway in Doraville..  It is the home of my regular, solo, acoustic gig, and one of the highlights of my week..  Margarita specials, great food, and cold beer await you!!  I have fun mixing up the music, and quite frankly, anything goes..  You are likely to hear most anything, and lately the tunes have included songs by Restless Heart, Tim Mcgraw, Harry Chapin, John Lennon, Bread, America, REO Speedwagon, Merle Haggard, Johnny Cash, Poison, Drivin' n Cryin', David Allen Coe, England Dan and John Ford Coley, Simon and Garfunkel, Neil Diamond, Green Day, David Bowie, Bad Company, Styx, and Stevie Ray Vaughn..  The music starts around 7:45 p.m.  It is a great way to start the weekend early.. Come on down!!
Friday night, March 24th, I will be performing at Uncle Woody's Party Place with the Ron Kimble Band..  Ron won't be there, so I will be doing most of the singing that night, so be prepared to hear anything..
Saturday night, March 25th, I will be performing with the League Of Decency at Jake's Toadhouse..  We will be sharing the bill with KIng Johnson, which is one of my favorite bands..  I have known most of the guys in that band for a very long time, and have played gigs with some of them..  This is one gig you do not want to miss..  Two very hip bands in one night, on the same stage..  Should be a big time..  Be there..  I will be traveling to Spartanburg, SC, on March 27 to play with the League Of Decency, and will also play behind Francine Reed on the same show..  I also have some solo acoustic gigs in April, and other corporate gigs with the League..  Upcoming gigs also include MOTION at Motorheads in Mcdonough on May 25th and 26th..  I am looking forward to those gigs, and you should go ahead and mark your calendars to be there.. 
I consider myself very fortunate to be able to teach music, and play gigs..  It is something I never take lightly, and I count each and every blessing every day..  I'm very lucky to have friends, and fans, and I appreciate the effort that everyone makes to come out to gigs just to say hello, and listen to some tunes..  I wish all of you happiness, and the best life has to offer..  I hope to see you very soon...  Stay tuned...

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